Family Physician Practice

Family practice physicians are often called general practitioners and can see patients with nearly any medical issue. As a generalist, Family Physicians need to be comfortable managing any medical issue that comes through their door. They have the opportunity to diagnose a wide range of illnesses and often see patients early on in the course of their illness. Through the opportunity to provide ongoing care, family physicians can also establish deep connections with their patients and the communities they care for. Family physicians reinforce and strengthen their medical knowledge through their work with patients, interactions with colleagues in the medical community, and formal continuing professional development opportunities. When health issues are complex and require the expertise of a Specialist they provide a highly knowledgeable means for such a referral.

Orthotic and Foot Care

Pedorthist is the title of a professional who has specialized training to modify footwear and employ supportive devices to address conditions which affect the feet and lower limbs. They are trained in the assessment of lower limb anatomy and biomechanics, and apply the appropriate use of corrective footwear – including shoes, shoe modifications, orthotics, braces and other pedorthic devices to improve the patients symptoms and foot function.
A Certified Pedorthist assists in:
• Alleviating painful or debilitating conditions of the lower limb;
• Accommodation of foot deformities;
• Re-alignment of anatomical structures;
• Redistribution of external and internal forces;
• Improvement of balance;
• Control of biomechanical function;
• Accommodation of circulatory special requirements;
• Enhancement of the actions or limbs compromised as a result of accident, congenital deformity, neural condition, or disease
• Diabetic foot care


Pre-Employment Medical Exams

A Pre-Employment Medical Exam is designed as a screening tool to ensure that a candidate is capable of performing the job they have been hired for. These exams not only serve as an effective risk management tool for the employer, they also protect the health and safety of the individual.
In any environment, it is recognized, efficiency and accuracy are vital in both selecting and retaining employees. As such, our Occupational Health Services specializes in an array of ancillary pre-employment occupational tests tailored to meet the unique requirements of your industry.

Testing can include but is not limited to:
• Blood Pressure / Heart Rate
• Head & Neck Exam
• Nerves and Reflex Test
• Advanced Vision Screen
• Whisper Test (Ears)
• Throat
• Chest (Lungs & Heart)
• Upper and Lower Limb Strength
• Abdomen
• Skin (Abnormalities/Lesions)

Additional Services Available
• Drug Testing
• Alcohol Testing>
• Diagnostic Imaging (X-Ray etc.)
• Laboratory Testing
• Back Strength
• Lifting Evaluation
• Pulmonary Function Testing
• Audiogram

CryoPen Skin Care

The desire to remove cosmetic skin lesions is becoming increasingly common as technology becomes more available. With the CryoPen, accuracy to the millimetre is achieved simply by pointing the micro-fine jet of the cryogen pen directly towards the lesion with only minor discomfort. Healthy tissue can be easily avoided, thus allowing for longer treatment sessions and more effective deeper freeze. Only the lesions are treated regardless of shape or size. Rapid, no stress, precise applications will promote a better quality of care. The CryoPen also eliminates the need for preparation or follow-up care.
Patient Benefits:
• No exposure to dangerous cryogenic gases or liquids
• Quiet, patient-friendly, low risk procedure
• Immediate treatment without referral
• Simple, safe, and effective treatment

What can be frozen with the CryoPen?
• Recurrent Basal Cell Carcinoma:
• Actinic Keratosis
• Dermatofibroma
• Seborrheic Keratosis
• Skin Tag
• Warts
• Scars and Keloids
• Lentigo
• Plantar Warts
• Molluscum Contagiosum
• Condyloma Accuminatum